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Reproduction of Images

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Collection Description and History of the Project

Donald Ryder Dickey Photographic Collection
Collection 59

The photographs are from The Donald Ryder Dickey Photographic Collection. Collection 59 in the History & Special Collections, Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library, UCLA and form part of the larger Donald R. Dickey Collection of Vertebrate Zoology Collection which consists of bird and mammal specimens, bird eggs, field notes, and an extensive library. The animal specimens are housed in the Organismic Biology, Ecology and Evolution Department in Life Sciences at UCLA and are used for teaching and research.

History of the Photographs Online

These images were mounted on the CDL/LOC's (California Digital Library/Library of California) Environmental Information Resources site, Environment Images Collection (http://www.eip.cdlib.org/eip/digital/ucla_biomed.html) whose emphasis was on California. The collection provides a view of the rich biodiversity of California in the early part of the 20th century. Many of the areas in which these birds and mammals were collected and photographed are now much changed by California's population growth. The photographs also provide a wonderful window on the ways and means of field biology in the teens and twenties.

When the CDL/LOC decided not to support the site, we decided to mount the images on our site and make it searchable on the web using ColdFusion. For additional information use the contact information above or from the Home Page.

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